GP Link Workers

Moray’s GP Mental Health Link Work Service provides short term support (around 3-6 months) to positively connect people with resource’s, activities, and organisations to support mental health and wellbeing based on their individual needs.

  • Support level – Medium
  • Access – GP referral only
  • Speed – Waiting list based on need (days)
  • Identity – Client
  • Required insight & autonomy (ability to act independently) – Medium

GP link workers are non-medical staff based in GP surgeries across Moray. Appointments aim to build connection and trust between you and the link worker.

GP Mental Health Link Workers work with people on a 1:1 basis to identify the areas of wellbeing which are most important to them.  Support people to set their own goals, break the goals down into achievable steps and find ways to overcome barriers and challenges

A paper-based reflection tool called a ‘Holistic Assessment’ is used to help you identify areas you are ready to work on. The link worker then connects you with the relevant services in the community, supporting you to take decisions and actions that improve your mental health.

This service is run as part of the Health and Social Care Moray commissioned service Moray Mental Health and Wellness Centre.