Walk-in, Central Advice Point and Signposting

For central advice and an initial point of contact around getting you the right support you can get in touch with these organisations. They will be able to direct you towards the support that is available and suits you best at this time.

Support level medium

Access – Open

Speed – Immediate to medium

Identity – Client / peer

Required insight & autonomy (ability to act independently) – Medium



Arrows – alcohol and drugs drop-in facilities

01343 610 500 /  23 High Street Elgin Moray IV30 1EE


Healthpoint Dr. Grays hospital – for advise and signposting to NHS services

08085 202030 / Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm / Pluscarden Rd, Elgin IV30 1SN

Email: Healthpoint@nhs.net


Moray Councils Access care team – for initial enquiries about care and support

01343 563999 / Monday to Friday: 8:45am-5pm / Moray Council, 2-10 High street Elgin, IV30 1 BY

Email: accesscareteam@moraygov.uk


Moray Mental Health & Wellness Centre – Penumbra


01343 556 191

The service is provided by a team of Recovery Practitioners, Recovery Workers, and Peer Workers, who have a personal lived experience of mental health problems and can share their own recovery story to inspire hope and belief that recovery is possible for all.

The service provides a range of support, including:

  • 1:1 support using person centred planning tools, tips and techniques

  • WRAP – Wellness Recovery Action Planning

  • POWWOWs (Penumbra Workshops on Wellbeing) – Group workshops to share learning and strategies around common issues. For more information about upcoming POWWOWs please contact us.

  1st Response

Freephone: 0800 234 3490

Penumbra’s 1st Response can provide you with short term support when you feel at crisis point. If you are feeling overwhelmed, we can provide support tailored to your needs.