Welcome to Discover Pathways to Wellbeing in Moray!

Discover Pathways to Wellbeing: explore support your way today.

This space is designed to help you find the support you need, when you need it. All the tools featured here focus on increasing CHIME *.

Want to get better wellbeing?
We recommend you visit this tool with a friend, colleague or supporter. Through conversation around how you are feeling and using the 'How Do I decide' guide on each page, work your way through the Pathways tool until you find the right fit for your needs.

Watch our introduction video to help you get the most from this tool.

How to use?
Simply click on the tool that most aligns with how you describe your current need or how you define yourself.

There is no wrong door, the choices are mindfully selected to hopefully minimise you being overwhelmed. Some will suggest the same or similar resources, a website or service might help both young and older people for example; it’s ok to arrive there by any route.

Who is this tool for?
Empowering you to better communicate and navigate appropriate support options, Discover Pathways to Wellbeing in Moray is an online tool for people in Moray and those that support them, including health and social care professionals.

What it is - A starter guide to the types of support, help or services that are available in the Moray localities.
What it is not - A definitive list of all organisations and services available.

It’s not working, I want to feedback!
Our pathways are co-created with people with living/lived experience of relevant challenges, their friends and family, and people from professional support backgrounds. We need your ongoing feedback to evolve and develop these. Please explore the tools and feedback to us through this short survey.

This site is hosted and maintained by Moray Wellbeing Hub. Please contact us to let us know how we can improve or support you to use the tools.

Discover Pathways to Wellbeing in Moray was initiated as part of a collaborative project in 2017, with the aim to empower people in Moray and those that support them, including GPs, to better communicate and navigate the services and supports that help mental health locally.

The tool is a key part of the Making Recovery Real in Moray Partnership who oversee the strategy "Good Mental Health For All in Moray 2016 - 2026" . The Neurodiversity Pathway emerged from a project initiated by Moray Wellbeing Hub titled Wired In, part of Knowledge is Power. It has continued to grow and is now being produced in partnership with ICON (Informing and Connecting our Neurodivergent Families in Moray).

Discover Pathways to Wellbeing is maintained by Moray Wellbeing Hub CIC.

*Connection, Hope, Identity, Meaning, Empowerment.