Holistic Person-Centred and Wellbeing Support

These types of support are not aimed at addressing specific categories of behaviour but aim to develop wellbeing and life skills on a more holistic level. It focuses on your individual identity as a whole, with all aspects that come with it.

Consider accessing the below opportunities if you are looking to learn more about your own challenges and develop self-resilience among peers.

    • Support level – Low, informal to High
    • Access – Open to Medium
    • Speed – Immediate to Medium
    • Identity – Peer
    • Required insight & autonomy (ability to act independently) – Medium to High

Moray Wellbeing Hub

A central resource for wellbeing information and connection in Moray. Join the weekly newsletter, get involved in projects and partnerships.

Moray Wellbeing Hub welcomes all ages to join their social movement and become mental health Champions. Together we can use our experiences of mental health challenges to raise awareness, reduce stigma and improve our own mental health

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Become a Community Connector

Community Connectors at the Moray Wellbeing Hub are Hub Champions that spare a few hours a month to support fellow peers of life challenges in their local areas. The role is mutual, supporting someone with a shared interest or activity to promote wellbeing to both individuals, by instilling a sense of meaning and purpose to progress in life.

It is not a 'service’, it is that one person supports another to engage and connect in their local community and receives that support in return by the other Community Connector they are supporting.
As with all Champions of Moray Wellbeing Hub, Community Connectors share peer-values such as mutuality, intentionality and authenticity and make sure to take personal responsibility to opt out of the project at any time.

In order to become a Community Connector, an individual who is interested in becoming one must be a Moray Wellbeing Hub Champion, as well as go through the provided orientation training along with PVG check (Protection of Vulnerable Groups). Community Connectors are covered under insurance and are provided with support by a local supervisor.

Become a Community Connector

Wellness College

Learn, Inspire, Connect

Moray Wellness College is a central online access for courses and opportunities that support you to focus on your strengths and manage issues like long-term life challenges or conditions.

  • Focus is on empowerment, connection and education
  • Features courses run by peers – people who used the tools themselves and have trained to support others to learn.
  • Courses are delivered across Moray in community venues and natural environments.
  • Listing of local support groups and potential for support to develop and run your own.
  • Hosted by Moray Wellbeing Hub in partnership with Making Recovery Real, and delivered by a range of community organisations.
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The Moray Art Centre

The Moray Art Centre make art accessible to all people in Moray and focus on exploring the beauty of life through creativity, art and community.

  • Telephone: 01309 692426
  • Email:
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